TOUGH – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Nic Spycher
Principal Investigator: Yinghi Zhang
Entrepreneurial Lead: Stefan Finsterle
Industry Mentor: Sabodh Garg

Technology Description

The TOUGH software simulates how valuable resources—such as water, oil, gas, and heat—can be extracted from the pore space of soils and rocks, or how harmful materials—such as chemical and radioactive wastes, or carbon dioxide—can be safely stored in the deep earth or tracked as they migrate through the subsurface. The team has developed, customized, and tested such simulation software and provided the expertise to address a wide variety of challenging environmental and energy problems. With the help of Energy I-Corps, the TOUGH suite of codes may be positioned as the tool of choice for complex subsurface simulations in academia, government organizations, and industry.