Sonic LQ – Argonne National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Ralph Muehleisen, principle building scientist
Entrepreneurial Lead: Cathy Milostan, energy/environmental policy scientist
Team Member: Todd Levin, energy systems engineer
Industry Mentor: Bill Shadid, Shadid Consulting

Technology Description

With the help of commercially available equipment, Argonne’s SonicLQ software is a game-changing, non-intrusive solution that uses sound waves to both find and quantify air leaking through enclosed spaces to improve estimates for weatherization repairs and energy savings potential. In contrast to current air leakage testing options, SonicLQ tests can occur in occupied buildings and during all phases of construction, giving energy service companies new opportunities to sell more testing contracts. Energy I-Corps will help the team explore SonicLQ’s potential, develop a business plan, and decide whether to license the technology or start a new business.