SolGuard – National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Michael Deceglie
Entrepreneurial Lead: Chris Deline
Industry Mentor : Anders Olsson

Technology Description

SolGuard's integrated photovoltaic (PV) safety and performance solution will provide remote shut-off capability of solar systems while giving owners automatic alerts of potential safety and energy-production problems. Electrical safety can discourage firefighters from intervening during a fire, and faults in the system can pose a fire risk. For module and inverter manufacturers, the technology enables sales of existing products into rooftop markets, which are quickly closing due to National Electric Code (NEC) regulations. For system owners, it offers compliance with upcoming NEC regulations and improved actionable information about system performance and problems associated with fire risk. Finally, for insurers / firefighters, it provides a decreased risk of PV system-started fires and improved firefighting response if a fire does occur.