Saline Solutions – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Michael Stadermann
Entrepreneurial Lead: Tania Ryan
Industry Mentor: Jim Presley
Industry Mentor: Roger Werne

Technology Description

Flow-through electrode capacitive desalination (FTE-CD) is a novel desalination method that removes ions from water electrostatically and is best suited for low concentrations of salt (15 g/L or less). Potential applications for this technology are numerous, but it would most benefit the production of ultrapure water. Ultrapure water is required for the production of advanced electronics and pharmaceuticals, and as a working fluid for power plant turbines. It typically takes several steps to produce ultrapure water, which includes using reverse osmosis (RO) membranes to remove most of the salt. FTE-CD can remove salt much faster at low concentrations than RO can, reducing both capital cost and the energy cost of production. The overall savings are expected to be 30 percent. Upon success, the technology could expand into additional markets, such as brackish water desalination for municipal or agricultural use.