Energy I-Corps News

Energy I-Corps in the News:

03/27-2019 - Patent Protection Awarded to NREL’s EcoSnap-AC Technology

03/05/2019 - Iris Technologies from Cohort 7  - Chain Reaction Innovations Project Aims to Fill Critical Computing Needs

11/19/2018 - Three Energy I-Corps Teams receive R&D 100 Awards - Congratulations to HyMag (Cohort 8), DCAT (6), and Nitrilica (5)!

08/01/2018 - 8 Energy I-Corps Teams Make the R&D 100 Finals List!

07/17/2018 - Oleo Sponge successful in real-world conditions off California coast

03/14/2018 - Energy I-Corps Year Two Impact Report

02/27/2018 - 2017 Energy I-Corps Case Study Released

02/09/2018 - INL team wins second place at DOE’s National Lab Accelerator Pitch contest

01/02/2018 - The National Playbook for Creating an Energy Innovation Powerhouse

11/20/2017 - R&D 100 Conference - 2 Award Winners and 3 Finalists from the Energy I-Corps Program

01/18/2017 - In Case You Missed It: DOE Lab-Corps 2016 in Review

11/01/2016 - Eight Questions with the Idaho National Lab Director on the DOE Lab-Corps Program

10/26/2016 - NREL Innovation Showcase Helps Move Start-ups Closer to Market

10/03/2016 - National Lab Scientists Praise Entrepreneurial “Boot Camp”

09/22/2016 - Building the Bridge: Helping New Clean Energy Technologies Transition to Market

08/25/2016 - Video: Lab-Corps Third Cohort Graduates in Washington, DC

06/27/2016 - Lab-Corps Pilot Trains Scientists in Commercialization

05/31/2016 - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Lab-Corps Cohort Returns Invigorated

03/17/2016 - Lab-Corps Program Announces Second Round of Training for Entrepreneurial Teams at National Labs

01/19/2016 - NREL Engineers Accomplish Training for Participation in Pilot Lab-Corps Program

11/30/2015 - Lab-Corps Pilot Accelerates Private-Sector Adoption of Game-Changing Technologies

10/23/2015 - Lab-Corps Initiative Moves High-Impact Innovations into the Marketplace

10/01/2015 - NREL Leading DOE’s Lab-Corps Pilot, Bringing Entrepreneurial Concepts to Lab Researchers

06/30/2015 - Lab-Corps Program Helping To Accelerate Commercialization of Clean Energy Technologies from our National Labs

10/29/2014 - Energy Department Announces New Lab Program to Accelerate Commercialization of Clean Energy Technologies

What are our teams up to?

11/28/2017 - SwitchGlaze from Cohort 3: New Technology Allows Windows To Tap Solar Energy

11/06/2017 - Fermians from Cohort 3: Charles Thangaraj receives Accelerator Stewardship grant for water treatment project

09/19/2017 - AMAFT from Cohort 5: Innovative Fuel Manufacturing Process Moves Closer to Market

02/15/2017 - MECS from Cohort 4: Lab-Corps Experience Inspires Application of Carbon Capture Technology to Untapped Industry

12/14/2016 - EcoSnap from Cohort 1: Ystrategies Corp. Enters Agreement with NREL to Develop Innovative Air Conditioning Approach 

12/09/2016 - RWEDI from Cohort 2: Innovation Fund Invests $500,000 in Health and Energy Companies

09/30/2016 - SmartCharge Adapter from Cohort 2: Illinois-based Tech Startup Wins Inaugural Fort Collins Innovation Challenge 

06/21/2016 - EcoSnap from Cohort 1: NREL Engineers Look for a Cool Way to Make AC Units an Affordable Snap 

06/01/2016 - NanoMaterials from Cohort 2: Through a Glass, Warmly: Nanomaterials Can Help Make Windows More Efficient 

08/28/2017 - VOLTTRON from Cohort 2VOLTTRON Team at PNNL Recognized for Exceptional Achievement in Science & Technology