NanoHeatBlock – Argonne National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Jie Lie, PhD., principal chemical engineer
Entrepreneurial Lead: Xiaojie (Alina) Yan, PhD, research and development staff Industry Mentor: Carl Cobb, MBA and MS; Carl Cobb Consulting
Co-Principal Investigator: Yugang Sun, PhD. and professor (Temple University)
Co-Principal Investigator: Ralph Muehleisen, PhD., principal building scientist and technical leader
Co-Principal Investigator: Leah B. Guzowski, energy scientist and the strategic program leader

Technology Description

NanoHeatBlock, an advanced processing technology, allows for the manufacturing of particulate thermochromic films, improving the performance of smart windows. Instead of using bulk VO2 film, Argonne has synthesized thin-film window coatings containing VO2 nanorods. The presence of the nanorods significantly enhances the optical and infrared blocking performance of the window coating. In addition, the technology is scalable, with the capacity of finely tuning material properties, producing high-quality window films at a low cost. If successful, it could result in a technical potential energy savings up to 2.64×1017 J/year for new and existing commercial and residential markets combined. With the help of Energy I-Corps, the team hopes to explore various paths forward, demonstrate the processes, and bring the technology to market.