Dynamic Aperture – Argonne National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Ray Conley, X-ray Optics Fabrication Section leader
Entrepreneurial Lead: Elina Kasman, X-ray Optics Fabrication Specialist
Industry Mentor: John Miller, president, Materials Science, Inc.

Technology Description

The device developed by the Dynamic Aperture team allows precise, real-time control of vapor deposition sources to improve the quality of thin films without the need to stop the manufacturing process to recalibrate sources. The resulting films enhance device yield, improve the performance of optics, and increase efficiency while reducing manufacturing costs. Possible applications have the potential to increase solar cell efficiency, improve performance of x-ray telescopes, and increase extreme ultraviolet lithography throughput. Through Lab-Corps, the team will identify potential customers, gain insight through the evaluation of market analysis, and make decisions regarding how best to pursue commercialization of the technology.