Team 117: OpenOA - NREL

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Jason Fields
Entrepreneurial Lead: Jordan Perr-Sauer
Entrepreneurial Lead: Eric Simley
Industry Mentor: John Meissner

Technology Description

OpenOA (Open Operational Assessment) is an open source data analytics toolkit for analyzing the performance of operating wind power plants. Current methods for characterizing, reacting to, and predicting wind plant operations leave billions of dollars per year on the table, and OpenOA seeks to unlock these savings through modern AI techniques and big data solutions that optimize operations and enable wind plant operators to maximize revenue across their fleets.  The OpenOA project seeks to provide a platform on which to build valuable industry products. OpenOA has already developed traction with some members of the industry collaborative, ENTR Alliance, who see this platform as a path forward for improving their operations in a significant way.