SpiderFloat - National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Fabian Wendt
Entrepreneurial Lead: Senu Sirnivas
Entrepreneurial Lead: Rick Damiani
Industry Mentor: Alla Weinstein

Technology Description

SpiderFloat is a scale-able, modular, offshore floating wind system to accommodate wind turbines ranging from 6 MW to 20 MW+. It features a series of innovations to reduce the LCOE compared to current utility-scale floating wind systems; these are based on oil and gas technology and its reliability criteria, which has resulted in bulky and expensive designs. The substructure and installation of large offshore systems account for 37% of the total cost. SpiderFloat uses component modularization with partial onsite manufacturing, quayside assembly and pre-commissioning before tow-out to the wind-farm site, and a simple catenary mooring system with drag embedment anchors. These innovations allow for easy detachment and wet tow of the entire system for quayside maintenance, end-of-life dismantling, or repurposing. SpiderFloat is projected to reduce the project cost by $0.8 million/MW ($4.8 million for a 6 MW floating wind turbine system).