M2LD - Mobile Modified Linear Delta - Idaho National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Ryan Fronk
Entrepreneurial Lead: Anthony Crawford
Industry Mentor: Melissa Aagesen

Technology Description

The developed modified mobile linear delta (M2LD) robot is applicable to both in-lab and in-field Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) scanning, 3-D manufacturing (additive/subtractive), human-machine interface interaction, and any other application needing translational movement. Its embodiment is a modified version of a linear delta platform in that the vertical linear actuators that are traditionally distributed at 120 degrees around the workspace are now all aligned on one side. The end-platform, passively attached to the vertical linear actuators via linkages with universal joints on each end, is able to rapidly and precisely translate a sensor, grasping head, or fabrication head. This unique configuration centralizes the center of gravity, thus making it easier to roll around on its wheeled base, opens up the work volume available for scanning operations, and allows the system to easily fold into a geometrically and inertially compact form readily available for transport (e.g., commercial air travel). The system also enables a unique method of activating several degrees of freedom on the platform itself.