4Cs - Idaho National Laboratory

Team Members 
Primary Investigator: Vivek Agarwal
Entrepreneurial Lead: John Buttles
Industry Mentor: Uuganbayar Otgonbaatar

Technology Description

Nuclear power generating stations have a very large number of manual valves and their configuration management is performed manually. The technology currently under development at Idaho National Laboratory enables automation in monitoring valve positions using retrofitted wireless sensor/communication technologies without requiring re-qualification of valves, which was previously either unavailable or very labor-intensive. The information provided can be used for a variety of engineering, maintenance, and management applications. The technology is modular, vendor agnostic, and is based on 4Cs, i.e., communication, connectivity, co-existence, and cybersecurity, that enable easy integration with legacy systems at nuclear power plants. The solution provided by this technology is extendable to other critical infrastructure industries such as oil & gas. Its immediate implementation at nuclear power generating stations would effectively augment the best practices identified under the Delivering the Nuclear Promise Initiative.