CI-ReClad – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Diana Hun, research and development staff
Co-Principal Investigator: Som Shrestha, research and development staff
Entrepreneurial Lead: Mahabir Bhandari, research and development staff
Industry Mentor: Linda Jeng, building solutions market development and Customer Technical Support Center group leader, The Dow Chemical Company

Technology Description

There are few technologies in the marketplace that help to cost-effectively retrofit building envelopes while addressing unique project requirements and allowing the building to maintain its normal operations throughout recladding. This team’s solution updates an existing Dow Chemical Company product, THERMAX Wall System (TWS), which combines the components of air, vapor, and water-resistive barriers while providing continuous thermal insulation with practical retrofit reclad application refinements. The integration and constructible details of these components would benefit the building architect, contractor, and owner by reducing retrofit complexity, time, and cost. The team members hope that Energy I-Corps will help them evaluate the commercialization potential of the updated system, TWS–ReClad.