BioAlchemy, Inc. – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Joshua Heinemann
Entrepreneurial Lead: Joshua Heinemann
Entrepreneurial Lead: Deepti Tanjore
Industry Mentor: Tom Anderson

Technology Description

The BioAlchemy team has developed a new microfluidic technology (microNIMS) for high-throughput screening of cellulose degrading enzymes. The technology merges microfluidics with mass spectrometry allowing fully automated enzyme processing and assay. Unlike traditional microfluidic detection systems, microNIMS can be used on a wide variety of different enzymes and substrates; and to solve multiple enzyme challenges across a broad range of pretreatment conditions and substrate options. The fabrication conditions can be modulated and tailored to target different enzyme/substrate systems. They can also be fabricated in patterned arrays, allowing multiple assays to be run simultaneously. The combined versatility, throughput, and reduced sample consumption make microNIMS an enabling technology for commercial enzyme assay.