ARAI – Idaho National Laboratory

Team Members 
Principal Investigator: Matthew Balderree, chief unmanned aircraft systems pilot
Entrepreneurial Lead: Corey Smith, executive director, Research and Business Development Center
Industry Mentor: Wendolyn Holland, managing director, Holland Consulting, LLC.

Technology Description

The Advanced Renewable Aerial Inspections (ARAI) technology utilizes unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to perform safer, more economical inspections on multiple types of wind turbines, including off-shore wind turbines, to collect data. The UAS data can be used to help determine maintenance requirements and detect issues and trends to help wind farm operators, public utilities, turbine manufacturers, and maintenance companies make rapid, informed decisions in how they manufacture, build, deploy, and maintain their products. Through its participation in Energy I-Corps, the team hopes to better understand the challenges of taking innovative ideas from concept to commercialization and, ultimately with the help of their commercialized technology, help industry provide additional U.S. energy jobs.